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THEE GRAVEMEN a 2 man garage outfit from Southern Sweden with Lee Tea on guitar and Howls and Daz Trash on Voodoo drums and screams both originating from 18th century deepest darkest England!Trying to find other band members at a similiar age of over 100 years old is quite a hard job so Lee and Daz decided a 2 man band would suffice! Lee Tea with his musical roots from the garage scene having played with the likes of crazy garage killers The EXCITERS from England and now with top Swedish R&B combo The BRANDED and Daz trash coming from the Psychobilly-Punk-Rockabilly side of Trash had been playing with 80’s Psycho screamers SKITZO! They both hooked up with each other at the local brit pub in Malmö and later played a Johnny Cash tribute together. And that was the end of sensible rock n roll as we know it! So come along and see one of THEE GRAVEMENs many shows and darken your party! Mail us for bookings: gravemen
From Blues Matters magazine:
DEM BONES! DEM BONES! Sutch-like blues from the frozen north.
Malmo based Brit duo THEE GRAVEMEN are set to bring their decidedly trashy, feral take on the blues to the UK in May. Playing at The Dirty Water Alldayer at The Boston Arms, Tuffnell Park, London on May 28th, theguitar and drum twosome will then return to Sweden for Jiving Jamburee on June 3rd before heading back to Europe in September for a string of dates in France, Scotland, England, Portugal and Germany to coincide with their debut album (to be released this Halloween by Dirty Water Records).
Informed by Howling Wolf with a sprinkling of Cramps and Screaming Lord Sutch horror schtick for good measure, Thee Gravemen wow fans wherever they play their vooddoo tinged blues/rockabilly/garage. Although a two piece they are not following in the footsteps of acts like The White Stripes or Black Keys, but carrying on a tradition of trashy no bass blues bands from the ’50s and ’60s, like Hasil Adkins, Hounddog Taylor etc. Sure the White Stripes made it possible for people to accept that a two piece rock band can be acceptable to a mass audience, but there the similarity ends. Whether playing to serious rock ’n’ roll veterans or younger crowds raised on Jack White and Sea Sick Steve, these top hatted, stripped down analogue musicians take “the blues” right back to the crossroads. No messing! No thrills!

Thee Gravemen LP review from Ringmaster 2012

You cannot get much more simple a set up than offered by trash rock ‘n’ roll band Thee Gravemen or anything as incessantly infectious. Consisting of just a senses cruising guitar and insistent primal beats the duo from the UK, now Malmo, Sweden based, with their self titled album have created a release that knows its sound, loves its sound and is determined you will too.

Thee Gravemen were formed in the autumn months of 2009 by guitarist and vocalist Sir Lee Tea and drummer Devilish Daz Trash, who initially were just doing a one off gig as a duo. Luckily they decided to continue though it was through the lack of finding a suitable stand up bass player as much as anything that tipped the decision to remain a twosome. Behind them the musicians have a good pedigree with Tea having been part of the garage rock band Thee Exciters as well as currently part of Swedish r&b band The Branded, and Trash having been part of UK psychobilly/punk band Skitzo, under the name of Strut. As Thee Gravemen the pair have unleashed a raw and uncomplicated fusion of garage punk, psychobilly and coarse surf veined fuzzed up rock ‘n’ roll, a dirty and boisterous sound that sears the flesh and resonates within the bones.

As can be imagined the songs come from the darkest shadows of the two, the lyrics borne from horror movies, wicked intent and from beneath disturbed ground. The album grabs with an icy clawed grip from the opening ‘Hey There Pretty Baby’ to squeeze and tease, resisting the urge to let go right until the last lingering note of the album passes on. The opening track is relatively subdued compared to what follows throughout the rest of the album but it is immediately noticeable that the production though unfussy and pretty straight forward gives a rich generally full sound, in a way surprising considering the scarcity of instruments.

The album buzzes and crawls over the senses through track after track and though the core of the music is a set spine each song comes from different and enticing angles. ‘Come On’ is a slightly darker track than the opener and reminds of 80’s band The Orson Family whilst the instinctive rhythm led ‘Digging Graves’ has a scuzzed up garage energy that recalls their former bands in many ways.

There is not a weak track on the album; each having their own heart of siren like appeal though it is the beat and rhythm led tracks that make the strongest connection. The pulse beat stomp of ‘Friday At The Hideout’ and the voodoo raw primal rhythms of ‘My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf’, both with a Guana Batz meets Screaming Jay Hawkins like vibe lift the excitement higher but it is when the band go into the realms of The Cramps that they really stand out. ‘My Witch’ is glorious with its distinct twang as distinctly manipulative as the song’s character and ‘Six Feet Down’ alongside the outstanding ‘Shake It’ rip through the ear with primitive ease. The band’s cover of ‘Green Fuzz’ is equally excellent; a very valiant version of The Cramps’ version that easily exceeds the Randy Alvey & Green Fuz original.

Complete with another cover in the hypnotic shape of the Sandy Nelson song ‘Let There Be Drums’ and the immensely fun outro track with after a moments breath ends with a track that sounds like a fictional nightmare when Demented Are Go’s Sparky popped his cherry with Eugene Reynolds of The Revillos, the album is simply fantastic. Released on Dirty Water Records it makes no demands or offers any unnecessary frills but just feeds the soul with inspiring, mischievous and thoroughly essential rock ‘n’ roll.

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EMAIL : lagramolarock


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